Group Fitness

Group Fitness

Training in a group is a social and affordable way to get the best advice, guidance, expertise and motivation from our Personal Trainers. If you have an idea for a fitness class that you would like to see run then we would love to hear from you!

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Training in Pairs

Where two people are of a similar fitness level and are looking to achieve similar goals, it may be possible to train together. Many people are more comfortable, and gain confidence from exercising with a friend or partner and it can make the whole experience even more fun (whilst, in some cases, introducing some healthy competition!). It’s important that there is enough room (if training at home or in the office) for you to both get the benefits, but this can be assessed when we do your consultation.

Fitness Classes/Group Training

If you have a group of friends and you would like to work out, here are some ideas of what we currently offer (minimum 5 people).

Boot Camp

A fun way to exercise in a group outside in a park. It involves 1 hour of warm up, cardio, toning (using bodyweight and light weight), core exercises and cool down/stretching. There will be no Sergent Major Shouting just effective motivation.

Mummy PT

If you want to get fit and shed the baby weight yet its difficult to get a babysitter, Mummy PT is for you. Bring your baby/toddler along in the buggy and we will power walk and do body toning exercises chosen specifically for the post natal body. We avoid impact and concentrate on pelvic floor and abdominal conditioning as well as arms, legs and glutes etc.

Running Club

Our primary purpose is to support and encourage all our members from complete beginners to experienced runners. Even if you have never ran before we can get you started. For the more experienced runners we provide specific training for events in the running calendar.

Please contact us on +39 331 813 7596 for more information on our Group Training.