• Lose weight / Gain muscle
• Improve your energy levels
• Burn fat more efficiently
• Heal faster after injury or training
• Identify and eliminate food sensitivities
• Beat irritable bowel syndrome and other digestive complaints
• Address hormonal imbalances: blood sugar problems, difficulty conceiving, thyroid imbalances

Practical Changes

A series of expertly guided and practical changes to your diet and lifestyle make all of the above possible. It’s what we do every day that makes the biggest impact on our health, performance and wellbeing.
Fully understanding nutrient deficiencies, and appreciating the impact of toxins, are the biggest motivators for change.

Healthy Lifestyle

Whilst exercise is of utmost importance, good nutrition is also key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. At CKLife we encourage people we work with to make long term changes rather than look for a ‘quick fix’ which helps to ensure that the results will be permanent rather than the ‘yo-yo effect’ that is often referred to by people on diets. We usually ask clients to keep a food diary at the start of the exercise programme to ensure that good work produced during training isn’t wasted by bad eating habits! This involves recording everything that you eat and drink for at least a week and is by no means compulsory, but a chance to point out the pitfalls and make changes where required.

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