What Sports Massage can do for you?

Sports massage deals with soft tissue injuries and the prevention of injuries. This includes all muscle, tendon and ligament damage ranging from minor strains to complete ruptures of the soft tissues.

Sports Massage is becoming more popular due to the positive reports it has been given and of course people like to mimic what the top athletes are doing in both training and recovery and rehabilitation.

Sports Massage can help you if:

You suffer from headaches

Tight muscles can cause pressure on the nerves to your head. Massage techniques can relieve the tension and reduce headaches.

You are preparing for a race

Maybe the 10km or half marathon. It will help reduce any unnecessary tightness in the muscles, remove any metabolic waste that has built up over training and therefore you can start your race feeling fresh and with added confidence that an injury is less likely to happen and increase performance.

You have just completed the race

A race will build up lactic acid and metabolic waster. The muscles may tighten in a way that stretching wont cure. Massage will help you recover faster and improve muscle condition.

Suffer from lower back pain

Sports massage therapists who are also personal trainers can help identify the source of the pain and rehabilitate you. If its to do with the spine then we can refer you to a chiropractor or osteopath but more often than not tight muscles will be the underlying cause. Through massage and re-education in exercise and lifting techniques I can help you overcome the back pain.

Shoulder Pain

Incorrect training and overuse of the shoulder joint can cause severe shoulder pain. Massage can help you diagnose the specific muscles involved and why they are damaged. Re-education will be a major factor in recovery. For example if your shoulder press strength is not a certain percentage of your bench press then shoulder injury is a much higher risk.


Sciatica is when the main nerve in the leg is impinged. Massage therapists can help identify why. It may be due to the piriformis muscle which has been inflamed and is putting pressure on the nerve. This may because you tend to walk ‘duck footed’ ie your toes point too far out. This causes the muscle to shorten and inflame causing the pressure.

Knee Pain

With around 9 different muscles crossing the knee joint its not an uncommon injury to pick up. However, massage can prevent injuries from occurring and also highlight where an injury may occur in order for you to prevent it. In short prevention is better than cure. The illiotibial band (ITB) is a common area to become tight especially during running and cycling. Simple treatments to this area can relieve pain in the side of the knee.

Recover Faster

Whatever you may have, or may not, massage is a great way to stay healthy and recover faster.

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