Sporting Sucess

The pursuit of sporting success is common to many of us. Some at an elite or professional level but for most of us at an amateur level where the desire to win is no less. Sports that we have experience of:
• Football, Rugby, Hockey and Cricket
• Tennis, Squash, Badminton and Table Tennis
• Swimming, Athletics and Gymnastics
• Golf, Motor Sports, Skiing, Horse Riding and Dance

Improving Performance

Improving your sporting performance involves sustained progression in a number of different attributes including skill, tactics, awareness, leadership, mental strength, and of course, fitness.
Fitness means different things to different sportsmen and women. A volleyball player will perform better if they can jump higher but this increase in fitness will have little or no benefit for a marathon runner.


At CKLife we already have a sound knowledge of the physical attributes required for most sports. However, with each new client we take the time to fully understand their chosen sport and the role they play within it. We attend matches, training and/or events to fully analyse our clients strengths and weaknesses before developing their unique programme.

Training Programs

Our Sports Performance Training Programmes are designed to compliment and benefit any existing training schedules that our clients have with their clubs and/or coaches.
For more information and a detailed fitness plan please call +39 331 813 7596.